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Lizard Bird DiaryDear Friends of the Lizard,

Steve Townsend at Natural England has asked me to write and tell you about my new book, A Lizard Bird Diary: A Study of the Birds of the South Lizard Peninsula 1970-2015. Much has been written about the flora of the Lizard but apart from two breeding surveys, the birds have received comparatively little attention.

My book, which I hope in some measure will help to fill in this gap, summarises 45 years of fieldwork beginning in April 1970 with my first visit to the Lizard when I was a young 23 year old art student studying in Falmouth.

Fast‐forward to 2007 and with my shelves bulging with notebooks I felt I was ready to begin a project to synthesise all this data although I really did not expect that it would take up to November 2016 until completion and final publication.

NightjarThe core of the book is the 270 species accounts. I have to stress that, with just a few exceptions, it is a singular overview since virtually all the data was gathered in the field by myself, hence the term ‘diary’. Nevertheless, my hope is that it is presents a relatively accurate description of the bird fauna of the South Lizard. With the passage of nearly half a century it is inevitable that not only a contemporary but historical perspective is also present in these accounts. Turtle Dove dataThere is a strong emphasis on migration (which has always been my principal focus) and this is supported by many histograms/graphs detailing passage and changes of status. I have also written introductory sections on the survey area, methodology, the charts, seabirds and seawatching. There are maps and photographs plus a small selection of my paintings and drawings

The book is softback and runs to 162 pages, printed in a signed, limited edition of 500. It is available directly from me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or from Amazon UK and the cost is £25 plus postage. ISBN 9781527200401.


Published: Jan 2017
Author: Brian Cave