Beautiful DemoiselleFemale Beautiful Demoiselle damselflies have browner wings than the more vibrantly coloured males, but are still delicately lovely. They’ll be on the wing from now until the early autumn.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Dasysyrphus albostriatusSpring and summer usher in hoverflies - there are so many species that only a handful have common names.
Photo: Andy Pay

Brassica bugLook out for gorgeous little Brassica Bugs on crucifer species, such as Scurvy-grass or Garlic Mustard.
Photo: Sally Luker

Marmalade flyThe Marmalade Fly, our most common hoverfly, can be seen most of the year, as overwintering adults will emerge on sunny winter days.
Photo: Amanda Scott

Common DarterThe Common Darter is one of our latest-flying dragonflies: it is on the wing into October, and even November in warmer autumns.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Crab spiderLook on white and yellow flowerheads to see if you can spot a female Crab Spider – the camouflage is very good, so you’ll need to search carefully.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

 The bright colour of Sulphur Beetles makes them hard to miss, despite being small. 

Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Red-veined Darter, Windmill FarmWindmill Farm is a good place to see Red-veined Darters, a relatively scarce summer migrant to the UK. 
Photo: Dougy Wright