A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Flavous Nomad Bee (species profile)

Nomada flava (photo: Andy Pay)Local photographer Andy Pay spotted this lovely little nomad bee at Poltesco. Called the Flavous Nomad Bee, it was gorging itself on Three-cornered Garlic.
Photo: Andy Pay


Leptothrix (species profile)

Leptothrix discophora (photo by Amanda Scott)No, it’s not a miniature oil slick. That oily film on the surface of puddles on The Lizard is an iron-oxidizing bacterium.
Photo: Amanda Scott



Yellow-legged Mining Bee (species profile)

Mining Bee Andrea flavipesThis lovely Yellow-legged Mining Bee was spotted at Poltesco, enjoying both the Alexanders and the sunshine.
Photo: Andy Pay

Hornet (species profile)

HornetHornets are not anything like as fearsome as they look.
Photo: Ray Surridge

Pollinators: hoverflies

Chrysotoxum elegansDid you know hoverflies form an important group of pollinators? Read on to find out more about them from local hoverfly enthusiast Andy Pay.
Photo: Andy Pay

Swollen-thighed Beetle (species profile)

Oedemera nobilisLook out for the sparkling copper-green of the Swollen-thighed Beetle on flowerheads on hot sunny summer days. 
Photo: Amanda Scott

Chrysotoxum elegans (hoverfly) (species profile)

Chrysotoxum elegansThe striking and nationally scarce hoverfly Chrysotoxum elegans is often found near the coasts of south-west England and southern Wales. Poltesco is a good place to look for it.
Photo: Andy Pay

Western Bee-fly (species profile)

Western Bee-flyThe Western Bee-fly is a fairly rare species in the UK – it has been spotted on The Lizard, both near Kennack and at Poltesco.
Photo: Tony Blunden