A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Jumping Spider (species profile)

Jumping Spider (photo by Tony Blunden)This attractive little species of Jumping Spider was spotted at Kennack Sands.
Photo: Tony Blunden

Flavous Nomad Bee (species profile)

Nomada flava (photo: Andy Pay)Local photographer Andy Pay spotted this lovely little nomad bee at Poltesco. Called the Flavous Nomad Bee, it was gorging itself on Three-cornered Garlic.
Photo: Andy Pay


Leptothrix (species profile)

Leptothrix discophora (photo by Amanda Scott)No, it’s not a miniature oil slick. That oily film on the surface of puddles on The Lizard is an iron-oxidizing bacterium.
Photo: Amanda Scott



Yellow-legged Mining Bee (species profile)

Mining Bee Andrea flavipesThis lovely Yellow-legged Mining Bee was spotted at Poltesco, enjoying both the Alexanders and the sunshine.
Photo: Andy Pay

Hornet (species profile)

HornetHornets are not anything like as fearsome as they look.
Photo: Ray Surridge

Pollinators: hoverflies

Chrysotoxum elegansDid you know hoverflies form an important group of pollinators? Read on to find out more about them from local hoverfly enthusiast Andy Pay.
Photo: Andy Pay

Swollen-thighed Beetle (species profile)

Oedemera nobilisLook out for the sparkling copper-green of the Swollen-thighed Beetle on flowerheads on hot sunny summer days. 
Photo: Amanda Scott

Chrysotoxum elegans (hoverfly) (species profile)

Chrysotoxum elegansThe striking and nationally scarce hoverfly Chrysotoxum elegans is often found near the coasts of south-west England and southern Wales. Poltesco is a good place to look for it.
Photo: Andy Pay