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Buff-tip caterpillarAdult Buff-tips may be experts at disguise, but the brightly coloured caterpillars can’t be missed.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway



We all love the flowers and scent of Chamomile, but so does the caterpillar of the Chamomile Shark moth.
Photo: Ray Surridge


Clouded Yellow butterflies are summer visitors, arriving from May to June. The coast is a good place to watch out for them.
Photo: Amanda Scott




Comma (Dougy Wright)The delightful Comma butterfly, with its raggedy wings, can be spotted through the summer months and into early autumn.
Photo: Dougy Wright

Common Blue butterflyThe Common Blue is one of the butterflies counted annually in Butterfly Conservation's Big Butterfly Count.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Common Heath moth, the-lizard.org, CornwallThis day-flying species is on the wing across heathlands on The Lizard.
Photo: Sarah Board

Caterpillars of the Drinker moth can be seen emerging in the spring, getting ready to pupate in June. Look for the tuft of hair at each end.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway


Emperor Moth, Windmill Farm, wildlife

The spectacular Emperor moth is on the wing in April and May. 
Photo: Emily Hobson

Watch out round the coast for the prettily-patterned Galium Carpet moth throughout the summer. Although nocturnal, it can be spotted when disturbed from its daytime resting places.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway


Garden Tiger caterpillarGarden Tiger caterpillars are known as Woolly Bears, for obvious reasons.
Photo: Steve Townsend