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Ringlets may not be as showy as some other butterflies, but they have their own gentle charm.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Six-spot Burnet Moth

This day-flying moth is a common sight in mid- to late summer, with its flashes of red colour amongst the knapweed and thistles.
Photo: Steve Townsend


One of our butterflies that is on the wing into autumn, watch out on warmer days for the coppery colours of the fast-flying Small Copper butterfly.
Photo: Ray Surridge

On the Lizard, this pretty butterfly is mainly a coastal species.
Photo: Amanda Scott



Small TortoiseshellSmall Tortoiseshells usually produce two broods in a year, and so a second-generation of adults emerges in August.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Speckled Woods can be spotted in the shadier habitats of The Lizard. Flying from May to October, this is one of the butterflies that brightens the days into early autumn.
Photo: Ray Surridge