Harvest MouseYou are more likely to spot the closely woven nest of a Harvest Mouse than the animal itself.
Photo: ©Natural England/Julian Dowse


HedgehogHedgehogs are not numerous on the Lizard, but keep an eye out on those late evening strolls from spring to autumn.
Photo: ©Natural England/Allan Drewitt

OtterThe shy Otter can be hard to spot, but look for its spraints along river courses and by the coast.
Photo: ©Natural England/Allan Drewitt

RabbitWe’re very familiar with rabbits in Britain, but did you know they are in serious decline in their native range in south-west Europe?
Photo: ©Natural England/Allan Drewitt

The Red Fox is largely nocturnal fox, but can sometimes be spotted in the daytime.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Roe DeerAlthough more common in the east and centre of Cornwall, Roe Deer have more recently been spreading to the west, including the Lizard.
Photo: Pascal Vuylsteker, via Wikimedia Commons (see main article for full attribution)