A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Beautiful Demoiselle (species profile)

Beautiful DemoiselleFemale Beautiful Demoiselle damselflies have browner wings than the more vibrantly coloured males, but are still delicately lovely. They’ll be on the wing from now until the early autumn.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Brassica Bug (species profile)

Brassica bugLook out for gorgeous little Brassica Bugs on crucifer species, such as Scurvy-grass or Garlic Mustard.
Photo: Sally Luker

Broad-bodied Chaser

Broad-bodied Chaser, Windmill Farm, CornwallWindmill Farm is a haven for dragon- and damselflies, including species such as this Broad-bodied Chaser.
Photo: Dougy Wright

Chequered Hoverfly (species profile)

There are many species of hoverfly in the UK. While most are known only by their scientific name, this one is distinguished by having a common name of its own.
Photo: Amanda Scott

Chrysotoxum elegans (hoverfly) (species profile)

Chrysotoxum elegansThe striking and nationally scarce hoverfly Chrysotoxum elegans is often found near the coasts of south-west England and southern Wales. Poltesco is a good place to look for it.
Photo: Andy Pay

Common Crab Spider (species profile)

Common Crab Spider (photo by Amanda Scott)This little crab spider was spotted scuttling across the beach at Church Cove, near Gunwalloe.
Photo: Amanda Scott




Common Darter (species profile)

Common DarterThe Common Darter is one of our latest-flying dragonflies: it is on the wing into October, and even November in warmer autumns.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Crab Spider (species profile)

Crab spiderLook on white and yellow flowerheads to see if you can spot a female Crab Spider – the camouflage is very good, so you’ll need to search carefully.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway