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Events to celebrate the expansion of the Lizard National Nature Reserve

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Great Black-backed GullIn winter, Great Black-backed Gulls will often venture inland to hunt for food: look out for them near inland pools or scavenging at disposal sites. 
Photo: Amanda Scott

Great Northern Divers are winter visitors to the seas of the Lizard.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Great SkuaGreat Skuas breed far to the north, but keep an eye out for them at sea as they migrate south in the late summer.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway


Great Spotted WoodpeckerThis Great Spotted Woodpecker was spotted grubbing out ants near the Natural England offices on The Lizard.
Photo: Ray Lawman

If you feed your garden birds, you probably won’t need to go far to see Greenfinches, a regular garden visitor, on The Lizard.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

GreenshankCroft Pascoe Pool on Goonhilly Downs is a great place for spotting migratory and overwintering waders in the autumn, such as this Greenshank.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Grey Herons can be spotted fishing at places such as the Helford River or Windmill Farm, or on estuaries. 
Photo: Ray Surridge


Grey Wagtail (photo: Dougy Wright)
Grey Wagtails are found near upland streams in the summer, but move to lowland habitats in the winter. 
Photo: Dougy Wright

Herring GullDid you know the Herring Gull is a red-listed species in the UK?
Photo: Amanda Scott

House MartinHouse Martins arrive back in the UK in the spring.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway