A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Sexton beetle (species profile)

Sexton beetle, Debbie Sea-Kay, The Lizard, CornwallAs spring arrives, we can look forward not only to budding flowers, but also to insects, like this Sexton beetle, greeting another year.
Photo: Debbie Sea-Kay

Broad-bodied Chaser

Broad-bodied Chaser, Windmill Farm, CornwallWindmill Farm is a haven for dragon- and damselflies, including species such as this Broad-bodied Chaser.
Photo: Dougy Wright

Green Tiger Beetle

Green Tiger Beetle, Cornwall, The Lizard, GoonhillyThis might be our commonest tiger beetle, but its metallic green hue and long-legged bursts of speed make it a delight to see in the spring and summer.
Photo: Sarah Board

Migrant Hawker (species profile)

Migrant Hawker, dragonfly, Cornwall, The LizardThis dragonfly species is on the wing well into the autumn, and can often be seen away from the ponds where it breeds.
Photo: Ray Surridge



Golden-haired Longhorn Beetle

Golden-haired Longhorn Beetle, Leptura aurulenta, Cornwall, Erisey Barton, The LizardThis lovely and somewhat rare longhorn beetle species was spotted at Erisey Barton in July.  
Photo: Sarah Board

Wasp Spider (species profile)

Wasp Spider (Rebecca Hughes)This lovely Wasp Spider was spotted close to Ruan Major recently.
Photo: Rebecca Hughes

Ruby-tailed Wasp (species profile)

Ruby-tailed Wasp (photo: Andy Pay)What a jewel of an insect! This Ruby-tailed Wasp was spotted at Poltesco.
Photo: Andy Pay




Common Crab Spider

Common Crab Spider (photo by Amanda Scott)This little crab spider was spotted scuttling across the beach at Church Cove, near Gunwalloe, but they can be found in many habitats, especially open, undisturbed ground.
Photo: Amanda Scott