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Oak Marble Gall

Oak Marble Galls, common on oak trees, are created by a parasitic gall-wasp. 
Photo: Ray Surridge

Pollinators: hoverflies

Chrysotoxum elegansDid you know hoverflies form an important group of pollinators? Read on to find out more about them from local hoverfly enthusiast Andy Pay.
Photo: Andy Pay

Red-veined Darter

Red-veined Darter, Windmill FarmWindmill Farm is a good place to see Red-veined Darters, a relatively scarce summer migrant to the UK. 
Photo: Dougy Wright

Ruby-tailed Wasp

Ruby-tailed Wasp (photo: Andy Pay)What a jewel of an insect! This Ruby-tailed Wasp was spotted at Poltesco.
Photo: Andy Pay

Sexton beetle

Sexton beetle, Debbie Sea-Kay, The Lizard, CornwallAs spring arrives, we can look forward not only to budding flowers, but also to insects, like this Sexton beetle, greeting another year.
Photo: Debbie Sea-Kay

Silk Button Gall

Silk Button Gall on oakSilk Button Galls, one of the many kinds of galls found on our native oaks, really do look as if they have been spun from silken thread.
Photo: Amanda Scott

Spangle galls

Spangle gallsSpangle Galls, which are created by a parasitic wasp, are one of the many kinds of galls found on oak trees. These were spotted at Croft Noweth on Goonhilly.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Speckled Bush-cricket

This is a species that is often hard to spot with its leaf-coloured camouflage.
Photo: Ray Surridge