A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Buff-tip (species profile)

Buff-tip caterpillarAdult Buff-tips may be experts at disguise, but the brightly coloured caterpillars can’t be missed.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway



Chamomile Shark (species profile)

We all love the flowers and scent of Chamomile, but so does the caterpillar of the Chamomile Shark moth.
Photo: Ray Surridge


Clouded Yellow (species profile)

Clouded Yellow butterflies are summer visitors, arriving from May to June. The coast is a good place to watch out for them.
Photo: Amanda Scott




Comma (species profile)

Comma (Dougy Wright)The delightful Comma butterfly, with its raggedy wings, can be spotted through the summer months and into early autumn.
Photo: Dougy Wright

Common Blue butterfly (species profile)

Common Blue butterflyThe Common Blue is one of the butterflies counted annually in Butterfly Conservation's Big Butterfly Count.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Common Heath moth (species profile)

Common Heath moth, the-lizard.org, CornwallThis day-flying species is on the wing across heathlands on The Lizard.
Photo: Sarah Board

Drinker Moth (species profile)

Caterpillars of the Drinker moth can be seen emerging in the spring, getting ready to pupate in June. Look for the tuft of hair at each end.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway


Emperor moth (species profile)

Emperor Moth, Windmill Farm, wildlife

The spectacular Emperor moth is on the wing in April and May. 
Photo: Emily Hobson

Galium Carpet moth (species profile)

Watch out round the coast for the prettily-patterned Galium Carpet moth throughout the summer. Although nocturnal, it can be spotted when disturbed from its daytime resting places.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway


Garden Tiger (species profile)

Garden Tiger caterpillarGarden Tiger caterpillars are known as Woolly Bears, for obvious reasons.
Photo: Steve Townsend