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Choughs-Mike BakerThe pair that can be seen regularly at Southerly Point, are the original pair that arrived from Ireland in 2001. They have since nested at Southerly Point, amazing visitors with their dramatic aerial displays and hard work in rearing chicks year on year.

The chough is a very charismatic crow, their exuberant nature and talent in the air often provides sweeping displays, over the watchpoint. Watchpoints-Andy HayLast year visitors couldn't believe their eyes when the Southerly Point male chough flew across the watchpoint directly into a strong east wind, somersaulting not once but twice over our heads. After a stunned silence fell amongst the fortunate visitors, a round of applause soon rang out from the watchpoint. There is no doubt these birds have an element of magic, taking a strong hold in Cornish hearts.

So why not come and see for yourself. The watchpoint is open daily, 11 am - 4 pm, from Friday

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Published: March 2013
Author: Catherine Lee (RSPB)

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