A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

On The Lizard, the key features that are now under E/HLS agreements include the majority of the coastal grasslands and heathlands. These areas of species-rich and unique habitats are highly prized for their rare plant and animal communities and they mostly require ongoing grazing management to survive. For example, many sections of The Lizard's coast are now under HLS agreements to ensure the grassland management favours species such as the Chough. The HLS agreements provide both annual maintenance payments and, where required, grants towards capital items such as fencing, water supply and scrub management.

Although much of The Lizard's heathland area has survived the intensification of farming practices that many other parts of the country have experienced over the last few decades, there are opportunities to restore heathland to areas that have either been planted with conifer trees or ploughed up to be used as grassland. HLS is helping in these areas, particularly around the fringes of the larger heathland blocks such as Goonhilly Downs where this work will improve the habitat extent and 'connectivity' for species such as the Nightjar and the rare Marsh Fritillary butterfly.

Published: Sept 2013
Author: Jeremy Clitherow (Natural England)
Photo: Jeremy Clitherow

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