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Windmill at Windmill Farm

The Mill, built 400 years ago, the same century that Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament, has had a variety of uses over the years other than just grinding wheat, it was also the hide-out for the infamous Windmill gang of the 1820's, then during WWII it was used as a look-out for the home guard. We are hoping that its next incarnation will be a bird watching and viewing platform.

Now that emergency repairs have been carried out we are applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund the building of a spiral staircase, conical roof and viewing platform. Our grant application is in and we will find out in March if we have been successful and if we have managed to gather sufficient match funding.

 Windmill after emergency repairs. Photo by Nick Marriott

Published: Feb 2014
Author: Nick Marriott (West Cornwall Reserves Manager)

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