A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

After initially being sceptical it turns out this is an opportunity for habitat creation for some of the Lizard Peninsulas' rarest species, whose very existence is a result of centuries of livestock and carts using the Lizards track ways.Temprary pools on the airfield very important for rare wildlife - Nick Marriott We already have 30 or so temporary and permanent pools (also known as Mediterranean pools) on the airfield created by past off-road driving these are fantastic for wildlife especially for rare plant species such as Three lobed water crowfoot one of the rare plants that benefit from muddy puddles - Tony BlundenThree-lobed water crowfoot, Strawberry Stonewort and Yellow Centaury. Through natural succession some these pools are vegetating over which shades out the rarer species. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust are hoping careful planning of the off road routes will create new tracks and pools and revitalise some of the older over grown pools.

Published: July 2014
Author: Nick Marriott (Cornwall Wildlife Trust, West Cornwall Reserves Manager)