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We have also started bi-monthly volunteer conservation days at Windmill farm; to begin with these tasks are aimed at revealing WWII buildings that have been lost to scrub encroachment.Digging out the extension to Ruan Pool

In October, thanks to Plantlife and a grant from SITA, we dug an extension to Ruan Pool , re-dug lost ancient track ways, re-invigorated previously rediscovered track ways and added a couple of shallow scrapes all in the name of rare plants. The annual hedge laying programme has also been completed with a couple of gappy blackthorn hedges being laid and made stock proof.

WWII Pillbox revealed by volunteers   This winters hedge laying

The main focus for the remaining winter is to continue revealing WWII structures and more importantly ensure access which has deteriorated recently is made good so that visitors can see the fruits of our labour, although I recommend visitors should always wear wellies for Windmill Farm.

Published: Nov2014
Author: Nick Marriott (Cornwall Wildlife Trusts West Cornwall Reserves Manager)