A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

The Helford Marine Conservation Group – part of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Your Shore Network – is now getting on board with the scheme and working with local businesses to ensure there are several stations around the Helford and the Lizard which are offering free refills and even selling the ReFILL Cornwall bottles. Businesses will display a ReFILL Cornwall sticker on their premises, so people know they are welcome to pop in and fill their canteen, plus they will be displayed on the City to Sea ReFILL app which highlights ReFILL locations around the whole of the UK.

Single use plastic bottles collected on Cornish beaches, photo credit Symages Single use plastic bottles collected on Cornish beaches, photo credit Symages

Local conservation groups on the Lizard are often carrying out beach cleans, like Cornwall Wildlife Trust, the National Trust or Natural England. Hundreds of tonnes of litter have been removed, which is fantastic news. But we still see thousands of plastic bottles washed-up every year after finding their way into our oceans. Globally, environmental campaigners are united in the message that we need to reduce our demand for and consumption of throw away plastics, in anyway that we can. For the sake of our beaches - it’s time we said no to single use plastic.

ReFILL Cornwall logo on beach, photo by BeachcareReFILL Cornwall logo on beach, photo by Beachcare

We have an alternative to bottled water, an alternative that is much cheaper and more regulated. Tap water. ReFill Cornwall makes this alternative easier and more convenient for us to choose when we are on the go. It is such a simple way for us all to play our part in helping to reduce plastic pollution. So do your bit;
• If you are an individual, go and buy yourself a reusable bottle and stop buying single use plastic ones.
• Download the ReFILL app on your phone or tablet, and use it to find your local ReFILL station, or add yourself as a business.
• If you are a business – sign up to ReFILL Cornwall by contacting the Helford Marine Conservation Group http://helfordmarineconservation.co.uk/

Published Nov 2017

Author: Abigail Crosby (Marine Conservation Officer Cornwall Wildlife Trust)