A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Fairy Fingers

Fairy Fingers (photo: Steve Townsend)In autumn, Fairy Fingers delicately probe their way through grassland and woodland litter.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Field Gentian

Field GentianThe lovely violet flowers of Field Gentian are a rarity. More common in the north of the UK, they are found in a small handful of places on The Lizard in late summer, including old trackways across the heaths.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Field Madder

Field MadderThe books say that Field Madder flowers until October, but it is often still hanging in there into November on The Lizard.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric, CornwallIt’s the picturebook ‘pixie toadstool’ – and there’s lots of it about in the autumn. Look for it in woodland.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Fragrant Orchid

Fragrant Orchid (photo by Steve Townsend)Fragrant Orchids are close to the end of flowering by July, but they (and their lovely scent) still linger on in some spots on The Lizard.
Photo: Steve Townsend 

Fringed Rupturewort

Fringed Rupturewort, one of the rare plants of the Lizard, can be seen in sandy and rocky habitats. A small, unassuming plant, look for its brighter green colouring among the surrounding vegetation.
Photo: Amanda Scott

Golden Hair-lichen

Golden Hair-lichenIt is always a pleasure to find the rare and beautiful Golden Hair-lichen. Kynance is a good place to search.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons (see below for full attribution)

Green-winged Orchid

 Windmill Farm is a good place to look for Green-winged Orchids.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Hairy Beech Gall

Hairy Beech GallHairy Beech Galls, induced by a parasitic gall-midge, are one of the galls found on our native beech trees. Head to our section on invertebrates to find out more.
Photo: Amanda Scott

Hairy Curtain Crust

Hairy Curtain CrustA fungus of dead wood from broadleaf trees, Hairy Curtain Crust can be found throughout the year. This colony was spotted on fallen oak at Penrose.
Photo: Amanda Scott