A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula


Ragged-robin (photo by Amanda Scott)Tousled pink flowers of Ragged-robin sway on their tall stems from late spring through to summer’s end.
Photo: Amanda Scott


RamsonsIn spring and early summer, the garlic scent of Ramsons is everywhere in the deciduous woodlands, hedges and verges round the Lizard.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Red Campion

Red CampionRed Campion is at its most vibrant from the spring into summer. Find it in woodland edges, hedgerows and roadside verges.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Red Valerian

Red Valerian (photo by Amanda Scott)The rich magenta and ruby hues of Red Valerian are a lovely sight in the summer, whispering of the Mediterranean.
Photo: Amanda Scott

Rock Samphire

Rock SamphireThe yellow-green flowers of Rock Samphire brighten the coastline through the summer months.
Photo: Amanda Scott

Round-leaved Sundew

The paths and open firebreaks of the Crousa Downs are a good place to look for Round-leaved Sundew in the summer.
Photo: Steve Townsend



Sea Campion

Sea CampionSea Campion, a flower of early to mid-summer, can sometimes be seen flowering into the autumn on The Lizard's clifftops.
Photo: Amanda Scott


Sea-hollyLoe Bar is a wonderful place to spot Sea-holly. Sand, sea and beautiful blue flowers…
Photo: Andy Pay


Usually flowering in high summer, The Lizard's climate can see Sheep's-bit in bloom as early as June.
Photo: Steve Townsend



Smooth Hawk's-beard

Often found on bare ground and road verges, as well as on heaths and grasslands, the yellow flowers of Smooth Hawk’s-beard can be seen brightening The Lizard from mid-summer until early autumn.
Photo: Steve Townsend