A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Spangle galls (species profile)

Spangle gallsSpangle Galls are one of the many kinds of galls found on oak trees. These were spotted at Croft Noweth on Goonhilly.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Spear Thistle (species profile)

Spear ThistleThe tall and striking Spear Thistle comes into flower across The Lizard from July.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Spring Sandwort (species profile)

Spring Sandwort flowers from May to September - try Caerthillian or Kynance for good places to find it.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Spring Squill (species profile)

Spring SquillSpring Squill can be found flowering on the coast from April to May.
Photo: Steve Townsend


Subterranean Clover (species profile)

Lizard 'clover season' is from spring to early summer. One to look out for is the small and unassuming Subterranean Clover on shallow soils or amongst short turf close to the sea.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Three-lobed Crowfoot (species profile)

This speciality of muddy tracks and ruts on The Lizard starts to show its delicate, tiny white flowers in February and March.
Photo: Amanda Scott


Thrift (species profile)

ThriftThe lollipop heads of Thrift start to bloom in April, all pink and gorgeous on the clifftops round the Lizard.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Thyme Broomrape (species profile)

Thyme Broomrape can be spotted along the sea cliffs on the Lizard in early summer. Just south of Kynance Cove is one good place to spot this distinctive plant.
Photo: Amanda Scott


Traveller's-joy (species profile)

Traveller's-joyIt is definitely a joy to find the feathery seedheads of our only native clematis scrambling through a hedge.
Photo: Steve Townsend

Twin-headed Clover (species profile)

Caerthillian is one of the best places to see some of the rare clovers that are found on the Lizard in late spring, including Twin-headed Clover.
Photo: Steve Townsend