A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Red Berries Abound

Hawthorn berries
It seems as if there is a peripheral red haze at the edge of my vision at the moment – and though some may say that I have anger management issues, I know the truth is actually a wonderful crop of lustrous red berries this autumn. Last autumn was a premium one for blackberries and sloes, this year red is the vogue with wonderful displays of hawthorn, black bryony and holly.

Scurvygrass - Lizard Connections

Scury grassWell April 1st seems a perfect day to get our bodies out of winter torpor, clean off the walking boots and head off to the promised- land that we all know as The Lizard. It is probably a good time to coax our brains back into action as well so I thought that we should start off with something relatively simple.

So April's challenge is to find the connection between
Harry Potter - Captain Cook - Bad weather on the A30 and The Lizard

Your answer will be aided by a walk along the coastal footpath or even a drive down the A30. So something for locals and visitors alike. We could even find you some tenuous links with 'Poldark' and 'Banished', two very contrasting period dramas currently taking up prime television schedules.

Anyone walking The Lizard's coastal path will not fail to notice the swathes of white along the coastal cliffs and crannies. The same could be said of the swathes of white on the roadside verges spotted whilst driving down the A30 within the legal speed limits.