A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Little Egret (species profile)

Little EgretThe bright yellow feet of the Little Egret make it look as though they’ve been dipped in paint. 
Photo: Terry Thirlaway

Long-tailed Tit

The Long-tailed Tit lives up to its name, with a tail that is longer than its body. 
Photo: Ray Surridge

Meadow Pipit (species profile)

In autumn, Meadow Pipits migrate southward and to lowland areas. Watch out for them on the Lizard at this time of year.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway


Mediterranean Gull (species profile)

Mediterranean GullSome Mediterranean Gulls overwinter round the Lizard coast, before returning to their summer breeding grounds.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway


Merlin https://richardbirchettphotography.co.ukThe Merlin is our smallest bird of prey, but it makes up for its size with lots of grit and steely determination.
Photo: Richard Birchett

Mute Swan (species profile)

This Mute Swan was spotted on The Lizard recently.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway




Nuthatch (https://richardbirchettphotography.co.uk)Nuthatches fiercely defend their nesting sites. A bird of broadleaf woodlands, it is also a frequent visitor to garden birdfeeders.
Photo: Richard Birchett

Oystercatcher (species profile)

Oystercatcher are often spotted round the Lizard shoreline.
Photo: Terry Thirlaway



Pallas's Warbler (species profile)

Pallas's Leaf Warbler, The Lizard, Cornwall, CoverackThis autumn and winter visitor to The Lizard was hanging out at the Coverack sewage works in early 2019.
Photo: Dougy Wright

Peregrine (species profile)

Peregrines can be seen round the Lizard, including at Lizard Point.
Photo: Trisha Shears. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Ltshears