A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

The Lizard is one of the most written about National Nature Reserves in the country. Its unique geology and flora have brought botanists, entomologists, ornithologists, and many other researchers and nature lovers, to walk its tracks and explore its heaths and coastlands. This website covers much information that has been borne of this interest in our beautiful Lizard peninsula, but there is a wealth of literature and survey reports, both published and unpublished data, that either pre-date the digital age, or are too long and detailed to produce in full.

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We have therefore gathered together a physical library of as many of these documents as we could source, and housed them in the Natural England Offices at Higher Bochym. The library covers topics ranging from species-specific surveys, to geology and archaeology, conservation management and the impacts of tourism.

Anyone interested in delving into the library - researchers, students, or anyone with an interest in a particular topic - is welcome to get in touch. Although we cannot lend out items, you can arrange a date and time to call in by ringing 01326 240808, or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can use the search box below to explore the library contents on the website before doing so. Please do use this new resource - the books and reports are waiting to be pulled off the shelves and read by you.

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CategoryTitleAuthorYear pub.Library Ref.
University of Bristol research reportsThe experimental introduction of the Gew Graze prostrate junipers to the Mullion Cliffs NNR; and 2. Proposals for scheduling a Predannack Wollas SSSI or NNR.Bristol University19821.1.1
University of Bristol research reportsLizard Point: access, tourist pressure and conservation management recommendationsBristol University19821.1.2
University of Bristol research reportsThe birds of Predannack AirfieldBristol University19831.1.3
University of Bristol research reportsPredannack Airfield quarry and conservation management recommendationsBristol University19831.1.4
University of Bristol research reportsConservation of Polycarpon tetraphyllum, Deschampsia setacea and Huperzia selagoBristol University19831.1.5
University of Bristol research reportsRecommendations for a proposed SSSI at Godrevy CoveBristol University19841.1.6
University of Bristol research reportsInteresting and new finds in the Lizard flora 1982-4Bristol University19841.1.7
University of Bristol research reportsBreeding records of rare birds in the Lizard district.Bristol University19831.1.8
University of Bristol research reportsSuggestions for visitor management at Kynance Cove.Bristol University19851.1.9
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of the clifflands of the Lizard Vol. 1: Introduction and cliffs sections 1-5Bristol University19871.1.10
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of the clifflands of the Lizard Vol. 2: Cliff sections 6-13Bristol University19871.1.11
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of the clifflands of the Lizard Vol. 3: Cliff sections 14-20Bristol University19871.1.12
University of Bristol research reportsGunwalloe Church CoveBristol University19811.2.1
University of Bristol research reportsThe heathers of the Lizard district of CornwallBristol University19821.2.2
University of Bristol research reportsThe Cadgwith to Enys Head Property of the National TrustBristol University19821.2.3
University of Bristol research reportsPopulation size of the Land Quillwort and conservation recommendationsBristol University19821.2.4
University of Bristol research reportsPoldhu Cove: erosion, tourist pressure and conservation management recommendationsBristol University19821.2.5
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of Mullion Cove and conservation management recommendationsBristol University19831.2.6
University of Bristol research reportsProvisional checklist of the Lizard flora - 1982Bristol University19831.2.7
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of Poltesco and conservation management recommendationsBristol University19831.2.8
University of Bristol research reportsCaerthillian Valley grasslands: effects of cessation of grazing and droughtBristol University19831.2.9
University of Bristol research reportsThe sedges of the Lizard district of CornwallBristol University19831.2.10
University of Bristol research reportsPublic attitude survey at Cadgwith and Poltesco - 1983Bristol University19841.2.11
University of Bristol research reportsBlack Head to Chynalls Point survey and conservation management recommendationsBristol University19841.2.12
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of Kennack Sands and conservation management recommendationsBristol University19841.2.13
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of the Lizard coast path and management recommendationsBristol University19841.2.14
University of Bristol research reportsThe critical plants of the Lizard district of CornwallBristol University19841.2.15
University of Bristol research reportsAtlas of the breeding birds of the Lizard District, CornwallBristol University19851.2.16
University of Bristol research reportsPublic attitude survey at the museum in Lizard Village - 1984Bristol University19851.2.17
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of the inland footpaths of the Lizard district.Bristol University19851.2.18
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of Kynance Cove and Downs with conservation management recommendationsBristol University19851.2.19
University of Bristol research reportsPublic attitude survey at Coverack in 1984Bristol University19851.2.20
University of Bristol research reportsSurvey of Coverack Cliffs to Lowland Point with conservation recommendationsBristol University19851.2.21
University of Bristol research reportsThe alien Hottentot-fig (Carpobrotus edulis) in Britain - a threat to the native flora and its conservation controlBristol University19871.2.22
University of Bristol research reportsEffects of fire on the vegetation and soils of the cliff slopes below the Lizard LighthouseBristol University19901.2.23
University of Bristol research reportsSpecial report: remedial action at damaged sites on Castle Island, Tintagel, CornwallBristol University19841.3.1
University of Bristol research reportsInterim discussion paper: suggestions for visitor management at Kynance CoveBristol University19851.3.2
University of Bristol research reportsFirst annual reportBristol University19821.3.3
University of Bristol research reportsSecond annual reportBristol University19831.3.4
Archaeology and historyCountybridge Quarry, GoonhillyCornwall County Council20082.1.1
Archaeology and historyCrousa DownsCornwall County Council20072.1.2
Archaeology and historyGoldgothamCornwall County Council20072.1.3
Archaeology and historyGoonhilly DownsCornwall County Council20072.1.4
Archaeology and historyLizard DownsCornwall County Council20062.1.5
Archaeology and historyMain DaleCornwall County Council20062.1.6
Archaeology and historyPolcoverackCornwall County Council20062.1.7
Archaeology and historyLowland PointCornwall County Council20072.1.8
Archaeology and historyArchaeological Survey: The Lizard Peninsula, East: Helford River, South CornwallNational Trust19862.2.1
Archaeology and historyArchaeological Survey: The Lizard Peninsula, East: Beagles Point and Chynalls Cliff, CornwallNational Trust19862.2.2
Archaeology and historyArchaeological Survey: The Lizard Peninsula, East: Lowland Point, CornwallNational Trust19872.2.3
Archaeology and historyArchaeological Survey: The Lizard Peninsula, East: Inglewidden, Parn Voose Cove and Bass Point, CornwallNational Trust19862.2.4
Archaeology and historyArchaeological Survey: The Lizard Peninsula, West: Mullion Cove and Island, Polurrian Cove and the Marconi Monument, CornwallNational Trust19862.2.5
Archaeology and historyParn Voose, Gwavas Cliff, Inglewidden, Kildown Point and Enys Head, Cornwall: a rapid archaeological and historic landscape assessmentCharles Johns, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council20012.2.6
Archaeology and historyKynance Cove and Lower Predannack: a rapid archaeological and historic landscape assessmentCharles Johns, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council20022.2.7
Archaeology and historyGillan Creek National Trust properties, St Anthony in Meneage, Cornwall: rapid archaeological assessmentPeter Dudley, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council20032.2.8
Archaeology and historyHelford Estuary Historic Audit: General Management RecommendationsAnn Reynolds, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council20002.2.9
Archaeology and historyNare Point, St KeverneRichard Cole, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council19992.2.10
Archaeology and historyThe Lizard Wireless Station: a report for the National TrustCourtney Rowe19962.3.1
Archaeology and historyThe Lizard Wireless Station (Marconi Bungalow): an Archaeological SurveyCharles Johns, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council19982.3.2
Archaeology and historyThe Lizard Wireless Station, Cornwall: Archaeological Watching BriefNigel Thomas, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council 20002.3.3
Archaeology and historyThe Poldhu Wireless Station: Archaeological and Historical AssessmentCharles Johns, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council20002.3.4
Archaeology and historyThe Marconi Centre, Angrouse Cliff, Mullion, Cornwall: Archaeological Watching BriefCharles Johns, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council20022.3.5
Archaeology and historyFox's Signal Station, Bass Point, The LizardStuart B. Smith19922.3.6
Archaeology and historyGoonhilly Downs SSSI and adjacent area: SWEB underground cable replacement route. An archaeological assessment.Cornwall County Council19992.4.1
Archaeology and historyGoonhilly Satellite Earth Station. Archaeological survey (Cornwall Archaeological Unit)C Johns19982.4.2
Archaeology and historyRAF Drytree/Goonhilly NNR: Building Identification Report 2010E Masterton, B Oldcorn20102.4.3
Archaeology and historyKynance Gate: scrub clearance and interpretationCornwall County Council20072.5.1
Archaeology and historyThe Edith Dowson Manuscript: "Turf Huts" of the Lizard Peninsula. Cornish Studies 10 (1983)LC Frost (ed. And introduced)19832.5.2
Archaeology and historyWalking the Lizard trackways: their history, uses and developmentRobin Bates20042.6.1
Archaeology and historyRosuic Farm, St Keverne, Cornwall. Boundary recording.Cornwall County Council20102.6.2
Archaeology and historyThe topography of the parish of St KeverneCharles HendersonUndated2.6.3
Archaeology and historyHyperfix Navigation Site, Bass Point, The Lizard, Cornwall: Archaeological RecordingCharles Johns, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall County Council20002.6.4
Archaeology and historyThe Butter Well, Poltesco, CornwallCharles Johns, Historic Environment Service, Cornwall County Council20062.6.5
Archaeology and historyRoyal Anne Galley, Lizard Point, Cornwall: Marine Environmental Assessment. Phase 1 Desk-based assessmentKevin Camidge, Charles Johns, Phillip Rees, Historic Environment Service, Cornwall County Council20062.6.6
Archaeology and historyCambridge and other memories. Chapter 5: Cornwall.B Willey19682.7.1
Archaeology and historyGoon, hal, cliff and croft: west Cornwall's rough ground (draft 22/9/06)P Dudley20062.7.2
Archaeology and historyThe archaeology of the moors, downs and heaths of West CornwallP Dudley20082.7.3
Archaeology and historyManaging archaeology and historic landscapes on West Cornwall's rough groundG Kirkham20082.7.4
Habitats - heathlandA report to the NCC on the floristic, phytosociological and historical features of the vegetation of the Lizard peninsulaJohn Hopkins19803.1.1
Habitats - heathlandThe conservation status of the inland heathlands and other vegetation types and their associated rare and uncommon species at the Lizard peninsulaJohn Hopkins19783.1.2
Habitats - heathlandStudies of the historical ecology, vegetation and flora of the Lizard District, Cornwall, with particular reference to heathland. Volumes I (PhD thesis)John Hopkins19833.1.3
Habitats - heathlandStudies of the historical ecology, vegetation and flora of the Lizard District, Cornwall, with particular reference to heathland. Volumes II (PhD thesis)John Hopkins19833.1.4
Habitats - heathlandReport of historical biogeographical survey of the Lizard Peninsula to identify heathland changesNCC19763.1.5
Habitats - heathlandThe heaths of the Cornish serpentine: Journal of Ecology 44(1), 226-256DE Coombe and LC Frost19543.1.6
Habitats - heathlandA survey of belt transects on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall (UG research project(JE Burke19963.1.7
Habitats - heathlandGoonhilly Downs: Site of Special Scientific Interest (Conservation Course 1961-2, University College London)19613.1.8
Habitats - heathlandLizard habitat maps: comparison of 1978 and 1988 to assess habitat loss P McCartney19903.1.9
Habitats - heathlandThe lowland heathland inventory (southern counties)English Nature/RSPB19943.2.1
Habitats - heathlandThe lowland heathland inventory (Cornwall)English Nature/RSPB19943.2.2
Habitats - heathlandLowland heathland: the extent of habitat changeL. Farrell19933.2.3
Habitats - heathlandLowland heathland in England: a Natural Areas approachNick Michael/English Nature19963.2.4
Habitats - heathlandThe decline and present status of the English lowland heaths and their vertebrates (NCC report)C Tubbs19853.2.5
Habitats - heathlandEU LIFE Programme "Heathlands Management of North West Europe. Various19983.2.6
Habitats - heathlandImpact of heathland restoration and re-creation techniques on soil characteristics and the historic environment. NERR010Hawlet, G. et al, Natural England20083.2.7
Habitats - coastal and marineVegetation maps of British sea cliffs and cliff-topsNCC19873.3.1
Habitats - coastal and marineSalt-spray deposition on the maritime cliffs of the Lizard Peninsula (Journal of Ecology 60, 103-112AJC Malloch19723.3.2
Habitats - coastal and marineLizard Project: Lowland Point. Conservation management recommendations for the Lowland Point property of the National TrustAndrew ByfieldUndated (1985?)3.3.3
Habitats - coastal and marineHelford River Survey: monitoring report no. 3Pamela E Tompsett19903.3.4
Habitats - coastal and marineThe conservation status of the coastal vegetation types and their associated rare and uncommon species at the Lizard PeninsulaJohn Hopkins1979 and 19803.3.5
Habitats - temporary pondsNine years on: revisiting the pond communities of the Lizard Peninsula, UK (student research)Billie Rowan20103.4.1
Habitats - temporary pondsEcology and conservation status of temporary and fluctuating ponds in two areas of southern England (Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 19, 134-146DT Bilton et al20093.4.2
Habitats - temporary pondsThe Lizard trackways project (one copy with maps, two with disks)B Wheeler, A Byfield20053.4.3
Habitats - temporary pondsThe role and importance of disturbance as a conservation strategy for rare plants of the Mediterranean Temporary Ponds of the Lizard peninsula, south-west UK (MSc dissertation)A Scott20113.4.4
Habitats - temporary pondsArtificial disturbance promotes recovery of rare Mediterranean temporary pond plant species on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, England (Conservation Evidence 9, 79-86)A Scott, IMD Maclean, A Byfield, AR Pay, RJ Wilson20123.4.5
Habitats - temporary pondsLizard Trackway Records - interim recordsAndy Byfield20033.4.6
Habitats - temporary pondsMediterranean Temporary Ponds in the UK: Status, Ecology and ManagementLouise McAbendroth2000?3.4.7
Biological surveysBiological Survey: The Lizard Peninsula, CornwallNational Trust19974.1.1
Biological surveysBiological Survey: Corgerrick Farm, Poltesco, LizardPK Jackson, AP Foster, JA Lister19944.1.2
Biological surveysA biological survey of a field at Poldhu Point, LizardSpalding Associates (Environmental) Ltd.20004.1.3
Biological surveysBiological Evaluation: Predannack Farms, Lizard, CornwallJA Lister, KNA Alexander20004.1.4
Biological surveysBiological Evaluation: The Lizard, Gwavas Cliff, Carn Barrow to Parn Voose Cove, CornwallEnvironmental Consultants (CTNC) Ltd.20004.1.5
Biological surveysBiological Evaluation: The Lizard,Kildown point to Enys Head, CornwallPK Jackson, AP Foster, JA Lister (NT Estates Department)19974.1.6
Biological surveysBiological Evaluation: The Lizard, Nare Point, Nare Cove to Parbean Cove, CornwallCornwall Environmental Consultants Ltd.20014.1.7
Biological surveysBiological Survey: Lizard - Signalhouse PointPK Jackson, AP Foster (NT Estates Department)19944.1.8
Biological surveysBiological Survey: The Lizard - Lizard HeadPK Jackson, AP Foster (NT Estates Department)19954.1.9
Biological surveysBiological Survey: Holestrow, CornwallPK Jackson, AP Foster (NT Estates Department)19954.1.10
Biological surveysBiological Survey: Old Lizard Head, Polpeor Cliff and part of Polpeor Cove, Pistil MeadowJ Lister, M Scruby, K Alexander19894.1.11
Biological surveysNature Conservation Evaluation: Poltesco and Carleon Cove, Cadgwith and Poltesco, CornwallR Allen, G Barker, P Brash, AP Foster20054.1.12
Biological surveysBiological Evaluation: Lizard, Chynalls, CornwallJ Lister, AP Foster19954.1.13
Biological surveysBiological Survey: Chynalls Cliff, Lizard, CornwallJ Lister, AP Foster19944.1.14
Biological surveysBiological Survey of National Trust property at Kynance Cove, Lizard Peninsula, CornwallAndrew McCarthy Ecology20014.1.15
Biological surveysBiological survey of East Lizard (Bass Point, Church Cove, Landewednack and Inglewidden) 2003Spalding Associates (Environmental ) Ltd20034.1.16
Biological surveysBeagles, Black Head Cliff, Chynalls Cliff, Chynalls Point, The Lizard, Cornwall. Black Head properties biological survey.Cornwall Environmental consultants Ltd.20024.1.17
Biological surveysLannarth Hills, St Anthony, Tregithy, Gillywartha, Trewarnevas and The Herra, The Lizard, Cornwall. Gillan properties biological survey.Cornwall Environmental consultants Ltd.20024.1.18
Biological surveysBiological Survey: Helford River, South, CornwallM Scruby, J Lister, K Alexander, S Grove19894.1.19
Biological surveysLittoral Zone Survey: Housel Cove, LizardSpalding Associates (Environmental ) Ltd19994.1.20
Biological surveysLittoral Zone Survey: Poltesco, LizardSpalding Associates (Environmental ) Ltd19994.1.21
Biological surveysLittoral Zone Survey: Polpear and Polbream, LizardSpalding Associates (Environmental ) Ltd19994.1.22
Biological surveysLittoral Zone Survey: Kynance Cove, LizardSpalding Associates (Environmental ) Ltd19994.1.23
Biological surveysBiodiversity audit of National Trust littoral zone sites in CornwallSpalding Associates (Environmental ) Ltd19994.1.24
Biological surveysPredannack Airfield, The Lizard: a nature conservation surveyPC Tinning19764.1.25
Species - lichensWest Lizard SSSI condition assessment - lichen interestPeter Lambey20105.1.1
Species - lichensLichen interest dossier: West Lizard SSSI. Units 2, 3 and 16Peter Lambey20105.1.2
Species - lichensA lichen survey of Lowland PointBryan Edwards20015.1.3
Species - lichensA lichen survey of Kynance Cove and HolestrowBryan Edwards20015.1.4
Species - lichensA lichen survey of Beagles, Black Head and Chynhalls CliffBryan Edwards20015.1.5
Species - lichensA lichen survey of Lower Predannack CliffsBryan Edwards20015.1.6
Species - lichensA lichen survey of Chynhalls PointBryan Edwards20015.1.7
Species - lichensThe current status of Cladonia mediterranea Duvign. & des Abb. In the British Isles (Species Recovery Report no. 161)B Edwards20015.1.8
Species - lichensThe current status of Caloplaca aractina (Fr.) Hayren in Cornwall (Species Recovery Report no. 160)B Edwards20015.1.9
Species - lichensCaloplaca aractina: Summary Action Plan (Plantlife lead partner)5.1.10
Species - lichensThe current status of Heterodermia leucomelos (L.) Poelt in Cornwall (Species Recover Report no. 159)B Edwards20015.1.11
Species - lichensHeterodermia leucomelos: site record Kynance CoveEnglish NatureUndated5.1.12
Species - lichensField Meeting on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall (Lichenologist 19(3): 319-334 (1987))OL Gilbert and PW James19875.1.13
Species - bryophytesLejeunea mandonii: species dossier (Action plans for lower plants in Scotland project)Gordon Rothero19975.2.1
Species - bryophytesAtlantic lejeunea (Lejeunea mandonii): Report to Plantlife on work carried out during 2001 (Species Recovery Report no. 199)DT Holyoak20025.2.2
Species - bryophytesSpecies Action Plans for Plants:Atlantic lejeuneaPlantlife/English Nature20015.2.3
Species - bryophytesAtlantic lejeunea: Summary Action Plan (Plantlife lead partner)5.2.4
Species - bryophytesAtlantic lejeunea (Lejeunea mandonii). Report to Plantlife on work carried out during 1997 (DT Holyoak)5.2.5
Species - bryophytesAtlantic lejeunea (Lejeunea mandonii). Final report to Plantlife on work carried out during 1998 (DT Holyoak)5.2.6
Species - bryophytesAtlantic lejeunea (Lejeunea mandonii). Report on work carried out during 1999 and summary of results of work during 1997 and 1998 (DT Holyoak)5.2.7
Species - bryophytesAtlantic lejeunea (Lejeunea mandonii). Final report to Plantlife on work carried out during 2000 (DT Holyoak)5.2.8
Species - bryophytesSurvey of section 41 bryophytes on the Lizard, Cornwal. Report by EcoStudy.D Callaghan20145.2.9
Species - stonewortsChara battica records5.3.1
Species - stonewortsBearded Stonewort (Chara canescens) on The Lizard peninsula, CornwallN.F. Stewart19965.3.2
Species - Prostrate juniperLowland England Juniper Project: project extensionAlistair Griffiths/Rosemary McClenaghan20105.4.1
Species - Prostrate juniperThe prostrate junipers at Gew Graze. The Lizard V(1), 7-12DE Coombe19735.4.2
Species - Prostrate juniperSpatial and temporal aspects of the genetic structure of Juniperus communis populations:Ecology 9, 379-386M Van der Merwe, MO Winfield, GM Arnold, JS Parker20005.4.3
Species - heatherThe status of Dorset Heath Erica ciliaris in CornwallS Hocking/J Stewart/ English Nature20005.5.1
Species - heatherHeathers of the Lizard (The Cornwall Garden Society)D McClintock19985.5.2
Species - heatherThe heather species, hybrids and varieties of the Lizard District of Cornwall (Cornish Studies 10 (1983)PG Turpin et al.19855.5.3
Species - cloverAutoecological studies of Trifolium molinerii at the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwal. New Phytologist 86, 329-344MH Martin, LC Frost19805.6.1
Species - Wild asparagusGenetic variation in European populations of wild Asparagus Asparagus prostratusR Smith, S Waldren (Trinity College, Dublin)20045.7.1
Species - Wild asparagusSurvey of Asparagus prostratus Dumort. In Cornwall 20015.7.2
Species - Wild asparagusDistribution and population sizes of Asparagus prostratus Dumort., Wild Asparagus, in Britain (draft of paper submitted to Watsonia).5.7.3
Species - Wild asparagusA review of the taxonomy, biology, geographical distribution and European conservation status of Asparagus prostratus Dumort. (A. Officinalis subsp. Prostratus), Sea Asparagus5.7.4
Species - crop wild relativesExploring the potential of the Lizard, Cornwall, as a genetic reserve for the long-term conservation of crop wild relativesJoe Osborne, Uni of Birmingham20105.8.1
Species - crop wild relativesCrop wild relatives: plant conservation for food security. Natural England Research Report NERR037John Hopkins, Nigel Maxted20105.8.2
Species - crop wild relativesA conservation strategy for Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) on The Lizard peninsula, Cornwall: consultation draftMark Beard, Natural England20165.8.3
Species - grassesConservation of the nationally rare Bog hair-grass (Deschampsia setacea) on the Lizard DownsMGB Hughes, Uni of Bristol19825.9.1
Species - PennyroyalPennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) search on the Lizard, Cornwall, 1st September 2014I Bennallick, DA Pearman, PA Gainey20145.10.1
Species - Pigmy rushJuncus pygmaeus - register of sites post-1950.5.11.1
Species - Pigmy rushJuncus pygmaeus survey 2000 - original data sheets and photographs5.11.2
Species - Pigmy rushPygmy rush Juncus pygmaeus: National status in 2000, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. EN Research Report no. 412Rosemary Fitzgerald20015.11.3
Species - Three-lobed crowfootRanunculus tripartitus DC Three-lobed crowfoot. Progress report 19985.12.1
Species - Three-lobed crowfootThree-lobed water crowfoot Ranunculus tripartitus: Report for 1999. Report number 157.Ro. Fitzgerald and NF Stewart20005.12.2
Species - Three-lobed crowfootThe conservation of three lobed water crowfoot Ranunculus tripartitus Agg. in England. Report on fieldwork undertaken during 2000 and 2001.5.12.3
Species - Three-lobed crowfootSpecies Action Plans for Plants: three-lobed water crowfootPlantlife/English Nature20015.12.4
Species - Three-lobed crowfootRanunculus tripartitus - three-lobed water crowfoot: progress report May 2003 (Emma Burdon)5.12.5
Species - PillwortThe current status of Pillwort (Pilularia globulifera) in England (Plantlife report no. 105).5.13.1
Species - PillwortThe conservation status of Pillwort (Pilularia globulifera) in England, Interim Report no 1NF Stewart, RV Lansdown, R Fitzgerald, AC Jermy19995.13.2
Species - Shore dockShore dock Rumex rupestris in 2001. Report number 196.Miles King20025.14.1
Vegetation surveys (general)Plants of prime conservation concern occurring on the Lizard (16/01/03)20035.15.1
Vegetation surveys (general)NNR, Goonhilly: species survey notes and lists 23.6.1976.Vaious recorders.19765.15.2
Vegetation surveys (general)A handbook to the natural history of the Lizard Peninsula. Supplement one, flowering plants arranged by habitatFA Turk, SM Turk19765.15.3
Vegetation surveys (general)Rare plant survey, The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall Alastair Cameron, Paul Davies (National Trust)19895.15.4
Vegetation surveys (general)Rare plant survey: National Trust coastal properties on Lizard, Cornwall, in 4 volumes. Volume 1: Introduction and species accountsR. Fitzgerald19985.15.5
Vegetation surveys (general)Rare plant survey: National Trust coastal properties on Lizard, Cornwall, in 4 volumes. Part 2, sections 1 and 2R. Fitzgerald19995.15.6
Vegetation surveys (general)Rare plant survey: National Trust coastal properties on Lizard, Cornwall, in 4 volumes. Part 2, section 3R. Fitzgerald19995.15.7
Vegetation surveys (general)National Vegetation Classification: Inglewidden, The Lizard, CornwallRachel Holder, National Trust20005.15.8
Vegetation surveys (general)National Vegetation Classification: Bodriggy Fields, Cadgwith, CornwallRachel Holder and Sam Smith, National Trust19995.15.9
Vegetation surveys (general)National Vegetation Classification: Gillan Creek, Helford, Cornwall (including Tregithy, St Anthony and Gillywartha Woods)Rachel Holder, National Trust20005.15.10
Vegetation surveys (general)Report of a National Vegetation Classification survey undertaken at Penare Barton, The Lizard, Cornwall, 17 - 21 May 1998Malcolm T Cooper, Hazel KA Foster, Catherine M Harries19985.15.11
Vegetation surveys (general)Report of a National Vegetation Classification survey undertaken at Kynance, Cornwall, 28 May - 2 June 2000, 1 - 2 July 2000Hazel Foster, Catherine Harries, Rachel Holder20005.15.12
Vegetation surveys (general)The Lizard Flora: a history of discoveryAndrew Byfield19865.15.13
Vegetation surveys (general)Conservation of plant biodiversity on The Lizard: report on the in situ meeting held 10-12 May 1999. Report number 132.Ro Fitzgerald, David Holyoak and Peter James19995.15.14
Vegetation surveys (general)Lower Predannack Cliffs: Botanical Survey19855.15.15
Vegetation surveys (general)A botanical survey of Tregithey and Gillywartha Woods, West CornwallAndrew Byfield19845.15.16
Vegetation surveys (general)Sand Dune Survey of Great BritainC Doarks and SC Woolven19905.15.17
LepidopteraInvertebrate site register: moths on NNRsMark Hadley/NCC19845.16.1
LepidopteraShoulder-striped Clover Heliothis maritima warneckei Boursin. A survey of Goonhilly Downs and assessment of past and present statusMark Tunmore/Butterfly Conservation20095.16.2
LepidopteraRecording of Monarch butterfly20025.16.3
LepidopteraThe conservation and habitat preferences of the Marsh Fritillary butterfly (Euphydryas aurinia) on the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall(MSc project)Georgina Chandler20145.16.4
DipteraRecording of Diptera speciesI Perry20085.17.1
OdonataRecent Odonata records for Lawman's Pools SW704202 ORS site 85.18.1
ColeopteraA survey of the distribution and status of the diving beetle Agabus brunneis (Fabricius, 1798) in the British IslesDT Bilton/English Nature19975.19.1
ApidaeLizard bumblebees: a short survey of distribution and status. Report to National Trust.Patrick Saunders20045.20.1
ApidaeBAP and SRP Bumblebees: a one-year preliminary study survey on Cornish distribution and status. Report to English Nature Bombus Working Group.Patrick Saunders20035.20.2
Invertebrate surveys (general)An interim report on the survey of the insects of the Lizard heathland NNRs19815.21.1
Invertebrate surveys (general)A survey of the invertebrates of the heathland NNRs of the Lizard PeninsulaDA Sheppard19865.21.2
Invertebrate surveys (general)A survey of invertebrates at Kildown Point to Enys Head, Cadgwith, CornwallSpalding Associates (Environmental) Ltd.20015.21.3
Invertebrate surveys (general)A survey of invertebrates at Gwavas Cliff, Cadgwith, CornwallSpalding Associates (Environmental) Ltd.20015.21.4
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