A collaboration of coast and countryside organisations on The Lizard Peninsula

Bar-tailed Godwit

Bar-tailed Godwit © Natural England/Allan DrewittLook out for this long-beaked wader round the Lizard coastline in winter, or on passage in spring and autumn.
Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

Barn Owl

Barn Owl © Richard Birchett PhotographyAlso known as the Ghost Owl, this nocturnal bird of prey can sometimes be seen hunting during the day. An early evening or dusk walk through the National Trust’s Penrose estate or Windmill Farm may well be accompanied by a Barn Owl’s screeching, or perhaps even a glimpse of its ghostly flight.
Photo: © Richard Birchett

Black Redstart

Some Black Redstarts do overwinter in the relatively warmer south-west of the UK, but this is primarily a migratory species. 
Photo: Ray Surridge


Black-headed Gull

Black-headed GullBlack-headed Gulls form large flocks in the autumn and winter months.
Photo: Amanda Scott


BlackbirdBlackbirds can be seen throughout the year on The Lizard.
Photo: © Julian Dowse/Natural England


Blackcap Ron Knight from Seaford, East Sussex, United Kingdom, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia CommonsWe are more used to seeing Blackcaps in the summer months, but increasing numbers now overwinter in the UK.
Photo: Ron Knight

Blue Tit

Blue Tit © Natural England/Allan DrewittThe Blue Tit is one of our most familiar birds, and a frequent visitor to bird tables.
Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt


Buzzard (https://richardbirchettphotography.co.uk)The Buzzard is the most common bird of prey in the UK.
Photo: Richard Birchett

Carrion Crow

Carrion Crow © Richard Birchett https://richardbirchettphotography.co.ukCarrion Crows can be seen throughout the year. All too often maligned in popular culture, these are amazing and intelligent birds.
Photo: © Richard Birchett


Chiffchaff (Richard Birchett: https://richardbirchett.co.uk)Mainly a summer visitor to the UK, a small but increasing number of this small warbler with its familiar song now overwinters here.
Photo: © Richard Birchett